How a french band including metal & electro guests (Pilot, Jabberwock, Killbodytuning..) gives his own vision of Hollywood & suburban legends, delivering an exigent and ecclectic picture of maintitles, cold waves and dark riffs.

Initiated early in musical improvisation piano (10 years of lessons) as the 7th art, Antoine Saison quickly married his two loves. Feeding her childhood memories of soundscapes and Series B, he explores all terrains. Only on drums and keyboards, it initiates very quickly different formations – young virtuosos or confirmed – at home, Lyon and Paris. In the first period, improvisation is the dominant requirement.

A baby’s first sweet name Lycantrop born or 5 songs recorded in 14 intense hours (including drummers, freejazz saxophonist, grooveboxer, noise guitarist & keys), a session overseen by seasoned jazz drummer Daniel Guichon in his own studio.

Barely a year later, still non-commercialized, a personal album of 11 dark instrumental tracks – this time entirely keyboards – is designed under the name Diablo. “Pictures on fire”  is more atmospheric, more cinematic too. The base is raised, Elvin Road can be born…


10 years already.
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